May 12, 2023

How Can I Get Amazon Reviews?

Reviews are a huge determinant of success on Amazon. The best way to think about this is through the lens of a buyer. If you see a product with 5000 reviews vs 500 reviews instantly you trust the higher reviewed product more and therefore are more likely to buy that product. It is pure herd mentality and customer inertia, the 500 reviewed product could be higher quality and at a lower price but customers still choose the safe ‘trusted’ choice.‍

So how can you get more of these important reviews?

Amazon Vine Program

When you launch a new product on Amazon with zero reviews you can enlist the product in Vine, meaning you send 30 units to Vine verified customers for free. The Vine customers are then encouraged to leave a review.

Parent-Child Relationships

If you sold toy cars, a red, blue, and black one. Each listing has 20, 40, 60 reviews respectively. You can actually combine these variations under one parent listing which in turn combines the reviews. Therefore, you now have a listing with 120 reviews!  

SEO and PPC Optimisation

The more exposure you have the more likely you are to get sales and therefore the more likely it is you will receive reviews. SEO and PPC work in tandem, having high search volume keywords throughout your bullet points and title, then targeting these keywords in your PPC campaigns will give you the best chance of sales and therefore reviews.

High Quality Product

If you provide a product which is high in quality and slightly differentiated from others in the market, this will help increase your sales and therefore increase your chance of reviews.

The Reviews to Price Relationship

One of the most common questions asked by Amazon sellers is “When can we increase the price” and the answer to that is not so simple. Reviews play a big part, simply put the higher your reviews base the more inelastic your demand curve is, therefore changes in price have a small effect on sales. 

Overall, if you have your SEO and PPC optimised you can beat the review enigma! Book in a call with one of our friendly team members here if this is something of interest to you or fill out an opportunity assessment to determine the potential of your business.

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