May 12, 2023

How To Increase Visibility and Sales on Amazon with Advertising

PPC is the lynchpin of an effective marketing strategy on Amazon and is the main funnel in which traffic and sales emanate from. This blog will highlight three key areas of how to use PPC as a means to improve your visibility and sales on Amazon.

Diversity of Keyword and ASIN Targets

When it comes to targeting keywords and ASINs, it's important to have a diverse strategy that includes long, short, and medium-tail keywords, as well as ASINs with certain characteristics; such as higher prices, lower review quality and quantity and non-prime. This can help increase the chances of your ads being clicked on as your product presents a more compelling proposition than the ASIN the shopper is currently looking at. 

When it comes to keywords, think about relevance in the context of your product. If you have an established listing with thousands of reviews, then you’re better equipped to target short tail, high search volume keywords. If you’re in a launch phase, target longer tail keywords with lower cost per clicks and cast your net wide.

Top of Search Modifiers

Top of search modifiers allow you to target specific keywords, products, or categories and at an increased bid to win pertinent sponsored placements. This can help your products appear at the top of search results and in prominent areas of competitor product detail pages; increasing visibility and driving more sales. By utilising top of search modifiers in combination with a diverse keyword and ASIN targeting strategy, you can maximise the effectiveness of your PPC advertising campaigns with improved visibility.

Diversity of Ad Types

Amazon offers a variety of ad types to choose from; Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display. By diversifying your ad types, you can showcase your products in different ways, capture customer attention, and increase your reach on Amazon and beyond. This way you ingrain your product into the subconscious minds of shoppers which creates fertile foundations for conversion.

In conclusion, Amazon PPC is a powerful tool to increase visibility and sales on Amazon. By utilising a diverse strategy that includes a mix of keywords and ASINs, top of search modifiers, and diverse ad types, you can skyrocket your business. Lastly, remember to focus on your Amazon listing optimisation to enhance your PPC efforts. Happy selling!

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